Kerri received her 300 hour yoga certification through Lotus Yoga Montclair in 2009.  She fell in love with the spiritual path of yoga that has opened her heart, mind, and spirit.  She began her yoga practice by following her intuition, which has led her to places she never imagined she would be. After her first yoga class she knew that yoga would forever be a significant part of her life.

Kerri has been a heartfelt devotee of Amma, the hugging Saint, since 2011. She found Amma at a bookstore, after praying for a next step on her path.  She was looking through the rows of spiritual books, which is one of her favorite ways to get answers from the divine, when she came across the book: Path of the Divine Mother.  After reading the book cover to cover in just two short days, she knew that the same voice that told her yoga was her path, was telling her that Amma would open her heart to what’s next.  She accredits her nurturing quality to Amma, who has shown her the path of the Divine Mother.  Kerri had the opportunity to go to Amritapuri, Ammas Ashram in India, in 2013 and can’t wait to go back this year.  She also received her spiritual name, Uma, from Amma.  A spiritual name is said to inspire you on the spiritual path.  Uma translates as Parvati, Shivas wife.  Uma also translates as mother & bright one.  She believes that her heart stays open to the ebb and flow of life because she has Amma’s loving guidance.

Committed to the idea that yoga should be fun, Kerri’s teaching offers a balance of play, laugh and sweat, with an emphasis on alignment and breath. For Kerri, yoga has never been about the physical practice.  Yoga for her is about finding ways to open the heart, quiet the mind, and dive deep beneath the surface.  Yoga has played a significant role in Kerri’s life, and her passion is sharing the healing, strengthening and empowering practice.  Each of her classes offers a unique sequences of asanas with an overall design to facilitate a deeper knowledge of self.  She is very grateful for all the teachers that have helped her along the way, and continue to help her today.

Kerri has also been a devoted pre & post-natal teacher of yoga for over 5 years. She knew that her heart wanted to be a part of assisting women and babies on this beautiful journey from pregnancy through birth. She is also a trained Birth and Post-Partum Doula which she has found to be another beautiful addition to her classes. She believes that pre-natal yoga is a wonderful way for mothers-to-be to find strength of body, mind, and soul.  She encourages women to feel empowered during this precious time. She is a playful and nurturing teacher always bringing her creative energy to her flow.